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If you wish to buy onshore or offshore drilling platforms, or related oil & gas industry drilling equipment (either new or used), then please bookmark the website and check back often - we will keep you updated with news of any drilling platforms available for sale.

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DrillingPlatforms.com works with one of the worlds leading industrial auction companies, who have many years experience in selling oil and gas industry assets. They will market your drilling platform or equipment to major oil and gas drilling companies worldwide and handle every aspect of the sales process.

Selling assets at auction, in a competitive bidding environment with numerous qualified and motivated buyers, is a proven method of attaining the best possible asking price in a short time frame - whether you have a complete onshore or offshore oil drilling platform for sale, or just a smaller amount of drilling equipment.

If you are interested in selling your drilling platform or drilling equipment at auction, please contact us using the form below and we will send you further details - without any obligation of course.

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